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Why you choose eresource ERP eLite?

Simplified ERP business system that provides all necessary functional modules required by a Trading Business Organization for its Sales and Distribution activities. The system ensures smooth workflow and better communication with customers.

eLite , a Web Based solution.

eresource eLite is 100% Web Based Business Solution Software. It works best on Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Internet Explorer. You can now access your business information from anywhere and at any time. Dashboard on Mobile App !

eLite-Affordable, easy to use and quick to implement

With eresource, you and your employees can access this business application with just a computer and an Internet connection. You can now access your Business Information from Anywere and at Anytime.

What are the features of eLite solution?

eLite is Simple and Easy to Use Business Solution software with absolute required module like, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Inventory and Stores Management, Invoicing, Accounts and Finance Management.

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